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Wetiquette Wave Riding Rules
Wetiquette Wave Riding Rules
An Illustrated pocket guide to surfing etiquette. Back by popular demand, second edition.
Women's Peace Thermal
Women's Peace Thermal
Ladies Surf Peace Thermal tee shirt. Graphic made of surfers, wave riders and sea life coming together to make a colorful peace sign...
Welcome to the lighter side of beach culture -very unique cards, tee shirts and gifts for beach people.

Our designs are the antidote to mass produced, over exposed, surf wear that's found at every mall from Miami to Malibu. We create and print our shirts - by hand to order - in our Long Island, NY studio and our Leucadia, CA location. Our infamous cards are printed in Maine by America's premier offset printer, and our high quality papers and envelopes are made in the USA and made of recylced paper, using wind power... we're big on keeping things local and made in the USA. So if you're a beach person with a sense of humor, value original thinking and a hand-crafted american made product... Welcome.

Check out all our categories including Surfing Seniors (our specialty) is popular, or browse, new stuff slips in all the time. When something triggers a creative spurt, or an idea pops into our heads, we hit the drawing board. The next day, we look at it all, and if we're lucky, have one or two ideas that we like, then straight to the printing department, put it on a shirt, wear it around, and see if we get any reaction. That's how we do it.

E-mail us at info@ditchink.com or call or text 631 807-2582 , or west coast 619 997-9474
For wholesale inquiries please e-mail arden@ditchink.com

Ditch Ink art work by Peter Spacek; For more info see About Us. All designed, produced, and printed in the USA. .

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